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    State of Rhode Island: Department of Health ... HEALTH Alerts Public: Wawona Packing Co. Takes Precautionary Step of Voluntarily Recalling Fresh, Whole Peaches, Plums ...
  • Tobacco Control Program: Department of Health
    Rhode Islanders can get the help they need. If you or someone you know are ready to quit smoking, there are a number of ways to get help
  • The Rhode Island Primary Care Trust: Department of Health
    Read our brochure to learn more about how the Primary Care Trust can deliver world-class primary care to all Rhode Islanders.
  • Rhode Island Oral Health Plan, 20 112 01 6
    January 2011 Dear Rhode Islanders, The Rhode Island Oral Health Commission has been the foundation of many efforts to improve oral health in Rhode Island
  • HEALTHY RHODE ISLANDERS 2010 Operational Definitions for ...
    HEALTHY RHODE ISLANDERS 2010 Page 2 This document summarizes the operational definitions for the 27 objectives included in Healthy Rhode Islanders 2010, identifies ...
  • Asthma Data: Department of Health
    In 2012 about 112,000 Rhode Islanders had asthma. Adults With Asthma. Since 2005 the percentage of adults who said they had asthma is above the national average.
  • Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry: Department ...
    of Health and the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency have joined together to develop a registry for Rhode Islanders with disabilities, ...
  • Statement on the Rhode Island All Payer Claims Data Program
    Rhode Islanders. There are currently 12 states with an APCD, and many others like Rhode Island whose database is not up and running yet.
    4 I: Diabetes is Common Diabetes is an increasingly common disease. Both the number and percent of Rhode Islanders with diabetes have risen over time.
  • Healthy RI and CLAS Initiatives: Department of Health
    objectives intended to reduce health disparities and increase the quality and years of healthy life for all Rhode Islanders.