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Travel Agency Renewal

Note: Online submission of your renewal application does not result in an automatic renewal. The authoritative entity listed below must verify that you have met all conditions and requirements before your renewal is processed.

Travel Agency

State fees:

In addition to the state fees, the total charge will include a fee of $2.00. More info
Renewal term: This renewal period is for 02/15/2008 through 02/14/2009.
Renewal period: Renewals must be completed prior to the expiration date. All licenses expire on 02/14/08.
Renewal procedure:
Online renewal of this license type is not currently available.

Authority: Department of Business Regulation

Board/Division: Division of Commercial Licensing and Racing and Athletics - Travel Section

Board/Division Contact:

Kimberly Precious
233 Richmond St, Suite 230, Providence, RI 02903-4230
Phone: (401)222-2416
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