# RI.gov: Rhode Island Government

What is the RI Interactive Price?

The RI.gov Web site and many of the Online services available are operated by Rhode Island Interactive (RII). We are a private sector company that works with the State of Rhode Island and local government entities under a contract secured through the competitive bidding process.

The goal of our partnership with the state is to offer RI.gov users a more efficient way of conducting government business via our suite of online services.

You can learn more about Rhode Island Interactive’s partnership with the state on the About Us page.

When you conduct a transaction through one of our services, you are doing business with Rhode Island Interactive. As part of our service to you, we will remit the designated portion of your payment to the state, on your behalf. Any remainder of your payment is used to fund our operation, as profit to our company, and to cover any cost of sale specific to the completion of your transaction.

Conducting business online through RI.gov is voluntary and the RI Interactive price may be higher than the underlying financial obligation owed to the associated government entity. If you do not wish to pay the RI Interactive price you can choose to conduct your business directly with the state or municipality. For more information, contact the appropriate state or municipal entity or email RI Interactive at: rihelp@egov.com