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Electricians Renewal

Note: Online submission of your renewal application does not result in an automatic renewal. The authoritative entity listed below must verify that you have met all conditions and requirements before your renewal is processed.


State fees:

Master Electrician - $240.00
Corporation (AC) - $200.00
Jouneyman Electrician - $72.00
Limited Electrician/Manufacturers - $240.00
Limited Electrician/Non-Manufacturers - $240.00
Master Oil Burner Electrician - $240.00
Corporation (EC) - $200.00
Journeyman Oil Burner Electrician - $72.00
Master Alarm Electrician - $240.00
Corporation (AFC) - $200.00
Journeyman Alarm Electrician - $72.00
Electric Sign Contractor - $240.00
Electric Sign Installer - $72.00
Corporation - $200.00
In addition to the state fees, the total charge will include a fee of $6.00. More info
Renewal term: 24 months
Renewal period: All renewals must be completed prior to the expiration date.
Late fees: If renewal is not received prior to the expiration date, a late fee of $12.00 will be assessed for each month or fraction of a month in addition to the normal renewal fee.
Renewal procedure: To renew online, enter your identification information below, click "Begin" and complete the online renewal form.

Authority: Department of Labor and Training

Board/Division: Division of Professional Regulation - Electricians

Board/Division Contact:

Nassir Sultan
PO Box 20247, Cranston, RI 02920-0943
Phone: 401-462-8580 option 4
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