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Providence GreenPrint

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A report on Providence’s efforts to reduce global warming pollution and to position Providence as a leader in the rapidly growing green economy.

How online services at RI.gov Help Rhode Island go green each year:

Online Service Savings
DMV Online Registration Renewal 75,000 envelopes to mail reg renewal to DMV, 75,000 paper checks
DMV OSOW Permits Over 7,100 individual faxes to DMV, 7,100 paper checks
DMV SI-1 Filings 1,621 SI-1 paper forms
DEM Agriculture Products Renewal 1,900 envelopes (companies returning product renewals, DEM returning certificate)
DBR Liquor Product Registration and Renewal 28,000 envelopes (companies returning product regs/renewals, DBR returning certificates)
Municipal tax payments 670 envelopes or car trips to muncipal town hall
DMV Vanity Plate Reservations 1,400 DMV TR-1 forms
DEM Boat Registration Renewal 2,400 envelopes or car trips to DEM, 2,400 paper checks
DEM Fishing License 2,500 envelopes or car trips to DEM, 2,500 paper checks
DLT Professional Licenses 7,200 envelopes or car trips to DLT, 7,200 paper checks
DBR Professional Licenses - Real Estate 6,100 envelopes or trips to DBR, 6,100 paper checks

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