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Accessibility at actively embraces current standards for accessibility, including federal Section 508 and W3C design standards for Internet communication. The portal team is commited to providing strong adherance to emerging open standards and HTML practices that assist in greater compliance of these standards.

These include:

  • Web pages optimized for different viewing platforms, including screen readers, print, wireless
  • High contrast viewing option for visitors with impaired vision
  • Text only viewing for viewers on slow speed Internet connections
  • All major content areas designed to be viewed without the use of additional plugins or javascript
  • Text-resizing options for increased readability
  • All content / navigation options viewable with or without images

Help with Accessibility

  • To increase / decrease the text size:
    Click the Text plus button, located in the top right section of the Web page header.
  • To change view for high contrast, text only or wireless
    Click the High Visibility, Text Only or Wireless link, located in top right section of the header. The style can be changed back by clicking the Normal Version link.

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