Media Kit is Rhode Island's eGovernment Portal: the source for state and local government information and services. is a collaborative effort between Rhode Island's Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Office of Library and Information Services, and Rhode Island Interactive. The legislatively appointed IRMB (Information Resources Management Board) and its Portal Review Committee oversee policies, fees, and projects.

The staff and management of bring more than 10 years experience and expertise in web software development, user interface design, project management, customer service, and marketing. is operated though a public-private partnership model. The state of Rhode Island and its private partner, Rhode Island Interactive (RII), entered into a long term, zero-dollar contract on June 25th, 2001. Funding for comes from convenience fees associated with eGovernment services created and managed by RII. Revenue provided by fee services funds the development of free services.


Tom ViallThomas Viall ,General Manager
As the general manager of (managed by Rhode Island Interactive) Tom guides the team in partnering with the state of Rhode Island to deliver eGovernment solutions that streamline processes and enable 24/7 access to government information and services. In his role, Tom spearheads operations, and manages the development of software, Web sites and Web services for Rhode Island government agencies. Tom is a native of Rhode Island and has worked in the Internet since 1998. Previously to his role as General Manager he served as the Director of eGovernment Solutions for