About REX

What REX Is

  • Lists of available feeds (browse feeds area)
  • Information gathering tools for requests and availability of data (feedback and idea exchange)
  • Code, tools and resources for syndication and reception (technical resource area)
  • User registration to sign up for available data (user management area)

The Goal of REX

  • A complete, one-stop portal to serve both RI Government and local municipalities
  • A communications conduit for agencies interested in receiving information from other agencies

RI Data Share Committee Mission Statement

The mission or the RI Data Share Committee is to better and more efficiently serve citizens and businesses in Rhode Island through the adoption and implementation of data sharing through web services and related technologies.

The group will strive to

  • Evaluate, recommend, document and where appropriate, oversee the development of standards of XML schemas and related application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Educate state and municipal webmasters about web data sharing technologies
  • Work in conjunction with state agencies, municipalities and the private sector to aid in the development of web-based data sharing projects
  • Champion the growth and adoption of web-based data sharing initiatives
  • Recommend and develop standards that ensure the security of web-based data sharing methods
  • Create and maintain a central repository of information pertaining to web-based data sharing

It is the goal of the RI Data Share Committee to make Rhode Island a national showcase for the utilization of data sharing technologies in government that will offer citizens, businesses and state and local governments a more efficient and cost-effective way to share and exchange information via the Internet.