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RI.gov Frequently Asked Questions

Common technical questions

Q: How do I open a PDF file?
A: Some of our online services produce files that are in PDF format. For help opening .pdf files, please read our "Help with PDF Documents".
Q: What are cookies and what should I know about them?
A: Cookies are small text files that a web server may ask your web browser to store, and to send back to the web server when needed. Find out more information on cookies.
Q: How do I best use the search bar?
A: Enter one or two keywords that best describe your search. And click on the search button. You will receive a list of results that most closely match your keywords.
Q: What is RSS?
A: RSS is a popular way to pull in news and information from across the Web. "Really Simple Syndication" enables Web sites and blogs to send you content updates automatically. Read more about RSS.
Q: Are there any mobile apps available on RI.gov?
A: RI.gov does feature android and iPhone apps. You can find where to download them here.

Common RI.gov questions

Q: Where can I find a list of all online services?
A: Here is a list of all online services.
Q: How do I become a RI.gov subscriber?
A: You can read more about becoming a RI.gov subscriber and the services available to our subscribers here.
Q: What is Rhode Island Interactive?
A: A private sector company, Rhode Island Interactive, employs the RI.gov staff. Rhode Island Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIC USA, a publicly held company and the largest developer of eGovernment solutions in the nation. Find out more about RI.gov and Rhode Island Interactive.
Q: How do I contact RI.gov?
A: Contact us by email at rihelp@tylertech.com or by phone during business hours at (401) 831-8099 x260 or toll free at (888) 831-8099.

Common online service questions

Q: I am trying to renew my vehicle registration renewal and I'm getting an error message "The information you entered does not match your registration record.." What should I do?
A: Find your previous vehicle registration and type the name, address, and plate number exactly as it appears.
Q: I lost my saltwater fishing license, how can I get a replacement?
A: You may reprint your saltwater fishing license at no charge here.
Q: I bought a copy of my motor vehicle record but I can't find it. How do I get a new copy?
A: Citizens who have purchased access to their motor vehicle record but or have misplaced their copy, please access the service by entering in your validation code for access. *Note: You will have access for 180 days post date of purchase.
Q: How do I find contact information about an agency?
A: Users can go directly to the agency site to find out contact information by accessing our agency A-Z list.
Q: I lost my login credentials for the Business Registration service, how do I recover my username and password to complete my registration?
A: Under the username and password fields, there is a "Forgot your Password" link. Click the link and enter your last name and email address to recover your login.