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Lt. Gov. Roberts Commends Generaly Assembly for Overriding Gov. Carcieri's Veto of Bill Establishing Panel to Create Statewide Health Plan for Public School Teachers

PROVIDENCE— Lt. Gov. Elizabeth H. Roberts issued the following statement today regarding the override by the General Assembly of Governor Carcieri’s veto of S-777A and H-5613A, legislation that would establish a board of directors to create uniform, statewide health plans for all public school teachers in Rode Island.

“At a time when the state is in the midst of a severe fiscal and economic crisis, we must approach all opportunities to consolidate with openness and with the goal of meeting the needs of Rhode Islanders while decreasing costs to taxpayers. Creating a system by which public school teachers throughout the state can access a uniform, cooperative health plan, while ensuring high quality health care, is a major step forward in consolidation, and has the potential to take a considerable burden off cities, towns and school districts already stretched beyond their limits.

“The Teacher’s Health Insurance bill is a significant way for the state to assist Rhode Island’s cities and towns by giving them the tools they need to begin the process of working cooperatively and consolidating services, and I commend the General Assembly for overriding the Governor’s veto of the bill.

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