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Employees and “Friends” Recognized in Rhode Island Department of Corrections Annual Employee Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday, February 24, 2010, the Rhode Island Department of Corrections honored 34 of its own staff members and eight “friends” in the annual Employee Awards Ceremony. The following individuals were recognized:

• JOHN J. MORAN AWARD – to honor a staff member from the Division of Rehabilitative Services who exemplifies helping others to achieve their maximum potential on a daily basis. Some of the qualities expected of the recipient of this award include outstanding work performance, dedication, alertness, good communication skills, and the ability to motivate other staff members. Recipient: John Schieffelin, Academic Teacher

• COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS AWARD – to recognize an individual from the Division of Rehabilitative Services who exhibits professionalism, teamwork, willingness to work above and beyond the norm, loyalty to the Department, a positive and productive attitude, and excellent work ethic. Recipient: Fernando Comas, Probation and Parole Officer

• EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARD – to recognize a staff member of the Division of Administration who best exemplifies the purpose of the Division—providing support to Departmental operations. The qualities expected of the recipient include professionalism, initiative, competence, helpfulness, responsiveness, dedication to the job, interpersonal communication skills, and a strong spirit of cooperation. Recipient: Jane Ryan, Human Resources Analyst

• (DEPARTMENTAL) CORRECTIONAL OFFICER OF THE YEAR – within the Division of Institutions & Operations; to reflect Correctional Officer appearance, professionalism, morale, esprit de corps; and to recognize and acknowledge outstanding performance of duties. Recipients: Erin Duffek, Women’s Facilities Michael LaPlume, Minimum Security Jason Ditroia, Medium I Kyle Cordeiro, Maximum Security

• SUPERVISOR OF THE YEAR – within the Division of Institutions & Operations; to recognize and reward an outstanding supervisor whose skills, appearance, professionalism, and esprit de corps are exceptional; and to recognize and acknowledge outstanding performance of duties. Recipient: Nelson Lefebvre, Correctional Officer Captain, Medium I

• DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD – within the Division of Institutions & Operations; to recognize staff members who have committed an act of bravery or heroism on or off duty. Recipients: Derek Hughes, Correctional Officer, Medium I Raymond Lee, Correctional Officer, Medium I Debra Ann Sabalewski, Correctional Officer, Intake

• TEAMWORK AWARD – to honor an interdisciplinary team from the various divisions within the Department that accomplished a specific goal or project that contributed to the Department’s mission or solved a systemic problem. Project: EMR Project Team Recipients: Brenda Abelli, Nursing Supervisor Jose Arias, M.D., Acting Medical Program Director Nicole Aucoin, Medical Claims Ronald Belanger, MIS Gordon Bouchard, Acting Director, General Nursing Services Chris Capp, MIS Dave Cornell, R.N., Medium Moran Tonya Dana, Supervisor, Medical Records Charles Dawson, Acting Supervising Clinical Psychologist William DelGizzo, Chief, Dental Services Fredric Friedman, Clinical Director Psychologist Laurie Greenless, Dental Assistant Joanne Hill, Associate Director, Financial Resources Michelle Lanciaux, Associate Director, MIS Kathryn Manning, Clinical Social Worker, Maximum Pauline Marcussen, Interdepartmental Project Manager Joseph Marocco, Associate Director, Healthcare Services Robert Pelletier, Technical Support Specialist, MIS J.R. Perez, R.N., Medium I Michael Poshkus, M.D., Former Medical Program Director Beth Waters, Dental Assistant, Medium I Dave Wilson, MIS

• FRIENDS OF THE CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT AWARD – to honor and recognize individuals from outside our ranks (neither employee nor volunteer) who made a significant and valued contribution to our mission. Recipients: Shawna Bradshaw, R.I. Department of Health William Paquin, R.I. Department of Health Andres Sarmiento, AMICA William C. Sloyer, AMICA Jeanne Gattegno, West Bay Community Action Katie Melone, West Bay Community Action Paul Salera, West Bay Community Action Lea Spinelli, West Bay Community Action

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