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Fire Marshall To Set Up Joint Task Force

The Division of State Fire Marshal and the State Building Code Commission are establishing joint task force in response to the floods that took place in our State this last week.

Understanding that local fire inspection and building inspection resources will be stretched to the limit in the coming weeks our offices will work jointly to provide additional resources to local cities and towns.

The purpose of this joint effort is to establish a task force that will work to support local communities as they work to re-open buildings and businesses that have been closed due to flood damage. Specifically, this group will work to conduct building assessments and the required inspections necessary to re-establish electrical utilities and fire protection systems in an expeditious fashion.

The group will be available to support: • Electrical service assessments • Inspections required to re-establish utilities • Fire Alarm and Fire Protection system assessment • Inspections required to re-establish protection systems • Any issue regarding either the State Building Code or State Fire Code due to flood damage to a building including structural damage

To request these services during business hours Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30, please contact the Division of State Fire Marshal at 401-462-4200. For Emergency requests please call RI DEM at 401-222-2331 as ask that they relay the message to our office.

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