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Greenville Resident Lauren Piccoli Receives Susan M. Hunter Scholarship

On Friday, August 6th, at 1 p.m., Corrections Director A.T. Wall II will present Greenville resident Lauren Piccoli with the Susan M. Hunter Scholarship Award on behalf of the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA). Lauren is the daughter of Probation and Parole Officer Geno Piccoli, who works in Adult Probation and Parole in Pawtucket. He has worked for the state since 1981 and has been with the RIDOC since 1990. Lauren will be entering her second year in the six-year pharmacy program at URI.

The late Susan Hunter was the Chief of the Prisons Division of the National Institute of Corrections. A tremendous influence in the field of corrections, she passed away in 2003. A seasoned administrator and mentor to many corrections professionals, she was an advocate for change. ASCA named this scholarship on her behalf as a lasting tribute to her commitment, insight, energy and enthusiasm for the field of corrections.

The following paragraph about Ms. Hunter is included in the certificate presented to Ms. Piccoli: "Deeply held correctional ideals embodied the career of the late Susan M. Hunter, who was Chief of the Prisons Division, National Institute of Corrections, for 20 years. She advocated correctional professionalism that requires gender parity among inmates and staff, adequate programs, special considerations for the unique needs of women inmates and those requiring mental health services. She realized and proclaimed that the key to achieving these ideals was thorough training and education of staff. The Susan M. Hunter Scholarship honors Susan’s educational ideal by honoring you for your educational goals and efforts. ASCA grants you this assistance as a child of a corrections employee. Go forth and strive for the enlightenment and knowledge that will prepare you to contribute to a better world."

In its letter of congratulations, ASCA commends Lauren for her superior academic work and desire to pursue higher education. The $1,000 scholarship check can be used toward her tuition, books, or other expenses. There were over 800 applicants and only 22 recipients of an award in this amount in 2010. Her proud father notes, “This is a great honor. Lauren is a very hard worker and her mother and I are extremely proud of her.”

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