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RIDOT, police team up to crack down on speeding

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) Office of Highway Safety is working with local and State police this weekend to remind motorists that speeding is not only expensive, but potentially fatal. Departments participating in “Obey The Sign Or Pay The Fine” started issuing extra patrols yesterday to enforce speed limits in their respective communities.

“Drivers need to remember that speed limits are posted for their safety,” DOT Director Michael P. Lewis said. “Even traveling just 5 miles per hour over the limit can put you at risk on the road.”

Last year there were 83 driving fatalities in Rhode Island, and officials say speed was a factor in a majority of those accidents. This is the third time that the Office of Highway Safety has worked with the local police community to implement a statewide speed-reduction effort.

“We thank our partners in the law enforcement community for joining us in this educational effort,” Lewis said. “We hope the increased enforcement will help motorists focus on how fast they’re traveling, and ultimately slow down.”

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