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Office of the Receiver to Appoint State Receiver's Council to Act in the Capacity of the Central Falls City Council

Mark Pfeiffer, retired Associate Justice of the RI Superior Court and the state-appointed receiver for the City of Central Falls, will appoint a three-member State Receiver's Council, effective November 12, 2010, to serve in the capacity of the Central Falls City Council. The decision to establish the Receiver's Council was made after the sitting Central Falls City Council refused to comply with the Receiver's policies and procedures relating to the work of the City Council. The Office of the Receiver informed the City Council of the action on Monday, November 8, 2010.

The Receiver's Council will include current City Council member James Diossa, former City Council member Robert Ferri, and former Central Falls Finance Director Edna Poulin.

"I was hopeful the City Council would recognize that it was in the best interest of the residents of Central Falls to work together. It is unfortunate that several members of the City Council have chosen to continually obstruct our efforts to return fiscal stability to the City," said Judge Pfeiffer. "The City and its residents are fortunate to have these three upstanding individuals who have agreed to serve on the Receiver's Council and work with the Office of the Receiver to turn the City's finances around."

The Receiver's Council will perform the functions of the City Council, including licensing, permitting, zoning and other related matters. The Receiver will advise the Receiver's Council from time to time of the measures he is taking to restore the City to fiscal health.

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