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Secretary of State Mollis to Honor Students for Civic Leadership

PROVIDENCE, RI -- Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis will honor high school students from all over Rhode Island with 2011 Civic Leadership Awards at a State House ceremony this Friday at 5:30 p.m. The awards are given annually to members of the senior class who make outstanding contributions to their schools and their hometowns.

“This award recognizes students who show an understanding of the importance public service has in a democratic society,” said Mollis. “These students take the principles of civics and put them into action at home and at school.”

Mollis asked high schools around the state to select one male and one female member of the Class of 2011 who best met the ideals of the award: public service, leadership ability and academic achievement.

More than 70 schools ranging from Barrington High to Woonsocket High nominated seniors for the honor. This is the fifth consecutive year Mollis will present the awards.


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