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Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts' Statement on Rate Increase for Small and Large Group Insurance Requested by BCBSRI

Providence, RI - May 11, 2011

Lt. Gov. Elizabeth H. Roberts responded today to the request filed by Blue Cross Blue Shield RI for an average rate increase of 10.5% for small and large group insurance. The decision affects businesses who purchase coverage through BCBSRI.

“A double digit increase in group insurance rates will cripple the business owner in Rhode Island who can't make ends meet in the face of our state's challenging economic recovery," said Lt. Governor Roberts, Chair of the RI Healthcare Reform Commission. "One of the primary goals of the health reform law that we are working to implement now in Rhode Island is to transform delivery and payment of healthcare to make it more affordable and sustainable--not less. Insurers and providers must find efficiencies and savings in the system, not pass along increased costs to our businesses and families who are left to deal with inflation in the healthcare system,” stated Roberts.

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