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Governor Chafee Asks Quasi-Public State Agencies to Conduct “Strenuous Review” of All Contracts for Outside Services

Providence, RI – Governor Lincoln D. Chafee today asked each of Rhode Island’s 17 quasi-public agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of all contracts for outside services managed by these agencies, with a particular focus on those contracts for public relations, advertising and lobbying services.

In making this request, Governor Chafee urged that any such contract that is not demonstrably critical to the fulfillment of the agency’s mission be cancelled as soon as possible under the terms of the relevant contract.

In a letter to the executive directors of each agency, Governor Chafee stated: “As you are aware, the current financial situation in this state is perilous. Under my appointment authority I take very seriously the responsibility of placing highly qualified individuals who strive to ensure value in the services provided by our quasi-public agencies. Through this authority, I will continue to seek and appoint individuals who will protect our taxpayers from waste and mismanagement.”

In addition to reviewing service contracts, Governor Chafee also asked each agency to evaluate its responsibilities under State purchasing law. Specifically, he asked that agencies carefully review requirements for posting of contract solicitations on a public website, posting of all awarded contracts and posting of all procurement rules and regulations applicable to each agency’s contract practices.

As he mentioned in his budget address in March, Governor Chafee and his administration will continually review the operations of all state agencies to identify opportunities for cost reductions that are available through increased efficiency and productivity.

Currently, Rhode Island has 17 quasi-public agencies: the Capital Center Commission; Rhode Island Convention Center Authority; Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation; Rhode Island Industrial Facilities Corporation; Rhode Island Industrial-Recreational Building Authority; Quonset Development Corporation; Rhode Island Airport Corporation; Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation; Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation; Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority; Rhode Island Student Loan Authority; Narragansett Bay Commission; Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Agency; Rhode Island Water Resources Board Corporate; Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation; Rhode Island Public Transit Authority; and the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority.

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