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Severe Thunderstorm Watch for RI

Severe Thunderstorm Watch For All of RI

Please be advised outdoor activities, sports, golf etc. may be exposed to lightning, high winds and large hail this evening.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for all of Rhode Island and the adjacent coastal waters until 10 pm***

A lengthy organized squall line of thunderstorms extended from central NW MA...into NW PA as of 350 pm. This line was moving to the southeast at 35 mph. This line will bring with it the threat of damaging winds and large hail as it tracks through RI early this evening.

The following times are approximate, but based on the current forward motion of the line, it should reach northwest RI around 530 pm, Providence 6 to 630 pm, and southeast RI at 8 or 9 pm. There is the possibility for scattered, individual severe storms ahead of the main line.

The most intense thunderstorm cells could produce wind gusts to 80 mph and/or 2 inch diameter hail. The risk of tornado development is low.

Localized rainfall amounts of up to 2 inches may occur with these storms as they move through RI, bringing the threat of minor urban and poor drainage flooding. We are monitoring the progression of the squall line, as if it becomes more east to west oriented as it moves through the state thunderstorms may move repeatedly over the same area. If this occurs, it would bring a threat of flash flooding.

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) is the state agency responsible for coordinating federal, state, and local resources to protect the public during disasters and emergencies. RIEMA helps develop plans for effective response to all hazards, trains emergency personnel, provides information to families and communities, and assists in recovery from disaster losses. You can learn more about RIEMA by visiting the RIEMA homepage at

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