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Department of Administration Announces Pastore Center and Zambarano Hospital Summer Infrastructure and Energy Improvements

Providence, RI – The Facilities Management Division of the Rhode Island Department of Administration (DOA-FM) has announced that, throughout this upcoming summer, a number of infrastructure improvements will take place throughout the John O. Pastore Center campus in Cranston and Zambarano Hospital facilities in Burrillville. These improvements, including a number of steam line and electrical feeder replacements, will be performed with minimum interruption of services and will save energy, increase efficiency, and ensure better reliability for the operation of the state facilities at Pastore and Zambarano.

DOA-FM has, whenever possible, scheduled any work requiring service interruptions at off times to minimize inconvenience. In the event that roads and parking lots will be temporarily closed to use, DOA-FM will send notifications in advance indentifying the affected areas and time of closure.

John O. Pastore Center:

The Pastore Center in Cranston, Rhode Island houses facilities for the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH), Department of Labor and Training (DLT), Department of Corrections (DOC), and a number of other state services.

The State of Rhode Island’s performance-based contract with NORESCO will provide $45.5 million in improvements at the Pastore Center beginning this summer to modernize aging infrastructure and deliver guaranteed energy, fuel, and water savings. The project, focused primarily on the steam distribution system, is expected to save more than $4 million in annual operating costs.

The Pastore Center steam distribution system is used year-round to provide heating, hot water, and air conditioning to the buildings on campus. NORESCO will improve the performance and reliability of the current system and replace outdated and failing sections of the high- and low-pressure steam piping and condensate piping to save significant amounts of steam energy. This project includes more than 25 other energy conservation measures, as well, such as: energy management system upgrades, new and improved mechanical systems, electric reliability and efficiency improvements, domestic water conservation, and building envelope improvements such as new windows, roofing repairs, and insulation.

Celtic Energy, Inc., acting as an independent Owner’s Representative, assisted the state in the ESCO selection process and will continue to monitor quality control throughout the project.

Zambarano Hospital:

Chevron Energy Solutions will engineer and install over $6 million worth of energy conservation and facility modernization measures at the State of Rhode Island’s Zambarano Hospital facilities in Burrillville. The measures are designed to increase the quality and reliability of the hospital’s electrical and mechanical systems. The result will be a positive impact on Zambarano’s energy and operational budgets as well as an improved conditioned environment throughout the hospital.

The most impactful energy conservation measure being installed is a central biomass boiler system, which will save the state over $600,000 annually. The biomass system is the first renewable project undertaken by the state and will utilize wood chips as its primary fuel source.

“We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the state on this project,” said John Mahoney, Senior Vice President of Chevron Energy Solutions. “The state is realizing significant energy cost savings by combining energy efficiency and renewable power and reducing the hospital’s carbon footprint.”

Other energy-saving measures being installed include lighting efficiency upgrades, steam distribution upgrades, new Energy Star appliances, efficient air conditioning and motors, as well as upgrades to the water and electrical systems. The entire project will be paid for by the savings generated by the energy conservation and facility modernization measures. These savings are guaranteed over the life of the project by Chevron Energy Savings.

Celtic Energy, Inc. also assisted with the ESCO selection process at Zambarano, conducted quality control duties during Chevron’s Financial Grade Audit, and is providing independent measurement and verification services throughout the process.

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