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Assistant Director David McCauley Promotes Matthew Kettle of Coventry to Warden of Medium Security Facilities

David McCauley, Assistant Director of Institutions and Operations at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, has announced the promotion of Matthew Kettle of Coventry, R.I., to Warden of Medium Securities. In this role, he will oversee the operation of the state’s two medium security level correctional facilities, the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility – the largest sentenced male facility in the state -- and the Donald Price Medium Security Facility. The position was formerly held by Mr. McCauley, who was recently promoted to ADIO.

“Warden Kettle brings a wealth of knowledge and skills and has earned the respect of staff at all levels; he is known for his fairness,” Assistant Director McCauley notes.

Mr. Kettle brings has worked in nearly every facility during his twenty-two years of service to the RIDOC. He began his career as a line Correctional Officer at the Intake Service Center, where he remained for eight years. Having completed nursing school through the military, he briefly became a nurse in the John J. Moran and Women’s Facilities. In June of 1997, he was promoted to Lieutenant, where he served the Donald Price Medium Security Facility until March of 2001. He was promoted to Captain and remained in that capacity at the Moran Facility and Minimum Security before being promoted to Deputy Warden in April of 2005. As Deputy, he served at Minimum, Maximum, and Intake. In November of last year, he became Acting Warden of Medium Security Facilities where he initiated the transition to the case management model with the adult counseling staff and oversaw a combined capacity of over 1,300 inmates.

Mr. Kettle holds a M.S. in Public Administration from the University of Rhode Island and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Johnson & Wales University. He has completed numerous courses through the National Institute of Corrections, including Senior Level Leader Training, Executive Excellence, and Building Effective Work Teams. He is a member of the United States Army Reserve, where he achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant.

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