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Rhode Island Employee Wellness Program Named Finalist for International Health Promotion Award

Providence, RI - The State of Rhode Island's "Rewards for Wellness" program has been named one of six finalists for an International Health Promotion Award, to be presented this week in Rome, Italy. This award honors programs around the globe which promote overall health and mitigation of disease in the workplace.

"I am proud of our state employees who participate in the 'Rewards for Wellness' program, which has deservedly become a finalist for this noteworthy award," Governor Chafee said. "Employees who take the initiative in improving their personal health and quality of life will continue to produce beneficial dividends for our entire state."

Rhode Island's "Rewards for Wellness" program encourages employee health through activities that contribute to positive lifestyle changes. These include smoking cessation programs, health coaching programs, and physical activity challenges such as Shape-Up Rhode Island and Weight Watchers. The "Rewards for Wellness" program works under the premise that promoting a healthy lifestyle leads to understanding preventive strategies and an increased probability that dangerous health conditions are discovered early. Employees who make an effort to better their overall health conditions are awarded co-share credits for their commitment.

Other finalists for the award include Lesotho, Africa's "Alliance to Fight AIDS"; Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport's "LiveWell Program"; the United Kingdom's "People with Autistic Spectrum Condition Making a World of Difference"; and Brazil's "Telecare to Remote Areas."

The award is co-sponsored by URAC -- an independent, nonprofit organization in Washington, DC which promotes quality healthcare -- and the Care Continuum Alliance.

The awards will be presented at ceremonies over the course of December 5th and 6th.

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