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HEALTH Launches Statewide "Live Smoke Free RI" Campaign

"Live Smoke Free RI" Campaign arms landlords, tenants and public housing authorities with powerful resources for establishing smoke-free housing policies

The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) announced the launch of a new campaign today that is expected to really hit home – literally. "Live Smoke Free RI," a statewide smoke-free housing campaign was officially unveiled during a press event at the West Warwick Housing Authority's West Warwick Manor. Created in response to a growing demand for smoke-free housing, the campaign is designed to eliminate secondhand smoke exposure and reduce the leading cause of residential fire deaths by assisting landlords, tenants, and housing authorities make residences smoke free.

"Smoke-free policies are a win-win for everyone involved," said Director of Health Michael Fine, M.D. "We can reduce the biggest cause of home fires and improve the health of Rhode Islanders who are inadvertently breathing in the secondhand smoke of their neighbors. In addition, landlords save money by eliminating smoke-related repairs and alleviate a proven area of conflict among tenants."

"No one should have to experience the health, safety, and economic impact of another person's smoking habits if their desire is to live smoke free," said Kristen Swanson, Executive Director of the West Warwick Housing Authority. "We have been working with our tenants to better understand how secondhand smoke is impacting them and we hope to implement a smoke-free policy by June of this year.

Created in both English and Spanish, key elements of the campaign include: an Internet microsite designed to serve as an informational and educational resource for landlords, realtors, tenants and the general public as well as easy to use "toolkits" that can be ordered or downloaded. These will provide an overview of the dangers and problems generated by residential smoking, and a variety of materials to help residential buildings go smoke free.

"Live Smoke Free RI" also features advertising and marketing materials in both English and Spanish to support and heighten awareness of the campaign. Key outdoor paid media components include billboards, bus posters and bus shelters while paid broadcast media includes radio and television spots. Other marketing materials include signs, banners, posters and campaign inserts for smoking cessation resource guides.

For more information about "Live Smoke Free RI," call Margarita Jaramillo at Tel: 401-222-5981.

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