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At Governor's Instruction, City of Central Falls Will Not Appeal Bankruptcy Court Ruling on School District

Central Falls, RI - Central Falls Receiver Robert Flanders today announced that, at the Governor's instruction, the City will not object to the recent ruling of the Bankruptcy Court that the Central Falls School District is not part of the City of Central Falls. The City had until midnight tonight to object to the court's determination. Judge Flanders had the following statement:

"If the City were to challenge the Bankruptcy Court's ruling, appeals could last more than a year, thereby delaying the City's emergence from bankruptcy as a functional and economically solvent city. The City has therefore elected, at the Governor's direction, not to object to the Bankruptcy Court's ruling, and in fact embraces it, so that the City can emerge from bankruptcy as soon as possible, a monumental step towards restoring Central Falls to fiscal stability."

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