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Celebration of 33-year RIDOC Veteran Roberta Richman

The remarkable 33-year career of Assistant Director for Rehabilitative Services Roberta Richman will be honored and celebrated tomorrow, June 26, 2012, beginning with a tree planting ceremony outside of the new Women's Bernadette Minimum Security Facility at 12:30. In addition to the tree planting, the official naming of the street in front of the two Women's Facilities as "Richman Way" will also be acknowledged.

From approximately 1 – 3 p.m., a reception will be held in Ms. Richman's honor in the 2nd floor conference room of the main administration building at 40 Howard Ave., Cranston. Director Wall will share remarks and will present Ms. Richman with a citation from Governor Lincoln Chafee.

Ms. Richman's career with the RIDOC began in 1979 when she was hired as Program Coordinator of Arts. She became Director of Arts in 1980 and was promoted to Recreational Program Specialist in 1981. In 1982, she was appointed Administrator of Educational Services, and in 1987, she was promoted to Deputy Assistant Director of Prison Industries. She held that position for a year and was appointed Deputy Assistant Director of Adult Services (Warden of the Women's Facilities) in 1992. She served as Warden of Women's for nearly 10 years, being promoted to her current position of Assistant Director for Rehabilitative Services in January of 2001.In her current position, Ms. Richman oversees Educational Services, Healthcare Services, Home Confinement, Probation and Parole, and Reentry Services.

In announcing Ms. Richman's proposed retirement to the RIDOC staff, Director Wall wrote, "Roberta combines a rare blend of the visionary and the pragmatic, able to conceptualize new directions and put them into practice. These qualities have enabled her to ensure that the work of Rehabilitative Services, so essential to our correctional mission, is not dismissed or marginalized. A mentor for many staff, her influence has been felt not only across this Department, but throughout our state and our profession."

Ms. Richman holds a Bachelor's Degree from Brooklyn College, a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University, and has completed courses toward a Master's Degree in Public Administration at the University of Rhode Island. She has received numerous awards including being named Woman of the Year by the Rhode Island Commission on Women in 1998 and most recently being inducted into the Criminal Justice Hall of Fame, along with Director Wall, created by Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin.

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