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Rhode Island Prepares for Possible Impacts of Hurricane Sandy

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) continues to closely monitor the path and potential impacts of Hurricane Sandy. RIEMA is providing regular updates to local emergency managers, other state agencies, and community partners.

"Now is a great time to check your emergency kit," Said RIEMA Executive Director Theresa C. Murray. "Make sure that all items in the kit are working and that food items are not spoiled or expired. We also encourage everyone to take some routine storm preparations: secure lawn furniture and toys, clean gutters, trim overgrown branches and shrubbery, and keep storm drains clear. We could have heavy rains, strong winds, and extended power outages, so now is the time to get yourself and your families ready."

Update and recommendations from other state agencies: From Department of Transportation • Division of Highway and Bridge Maintenance has been checking and clearing drainage systems and areas prone to flooding since Thursday. • Plans for locating equipment and staff at specific sites before the storm hits have been implemented. • Motorists should complete travel before weather conditions worsen. • All contractors should secure sites by the end of the day on Friday. • To get updated traffic reports, call 511. For updated storm information, visit From Department of Health • Private well owners and healthcare providers should be taking measures to prepare for the storm. For details, visit • Anyone with special healthcare, access, or functional needs should enroll in the Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry. To enroll, visit

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