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Officials Urge All Rhode Islanders to Be Ready

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) strongly recommends that all Rhode Islanders continue preparedness efforts for Hurricane Sandy. Currently, the storm is predicted to make landfall south of New England; however, Rhode Island is expected to have extended periods of heavy rains, strong winds, and power outages. Wind damage and power outages are predicted to be more severe than Tropical Storm Irene.

"We have learned a lot from our experience during Tropical Storm Irene," said Governor Lincoln D. Chafee. "We are maintaining strong communications with National Grid. National Grid is bringing in crews from as far away as Canada and are locating crews at regional local sites in the state to assure faster response times. We cannot control the severity or duration of the storm impacts, so I am asking everyone to prepare for prolonged power outages and wind and water damages."

"We cannot emphasize enough the importance of preparedness," said RIEMA Executive Director Theresa C. Murray. "Now is the time to make sure your emergency kit has enough food, water and basic supplies for at least three days. If there is anything on your property that could become a projectile in strong winds, secure it or bring it inside. By noon on Sunday, all boats should be out of the water or secured to their moorings and all storm preparations should be finished."

High seas and storm surges are a danger to swimmers, surfers, boaters and to onlookers. Onlookers standing on rocks, jetties, or sea walls can easily be washed off the rocks by the powerful surf. Beach erosion is expected to be more severe than normal, so individuals should stay off beaches.

Update and recommendations from other state agencies: From Department of Transportation • Motorists should complete travel before weather conditions worsen. • To get updated traffic reports, call 511. For updated storm information, visit From Department of Health • Anyone with special healthcare, access, or functional needs should enroll in the Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry. To enroll, visit From Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Hospitals • Forecasts for Hurricane Sandy may cause increased anxiety and concern fo some individuals. Being prepared and making every effort to control what can be controlled can help to decrease anxiety.

For regularly updated information on Hurricane Sandy, call 211 or visit

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