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DEM Offers Guidance to Municipalities on Handling Tree Waste

The Department of Environmental Management is providing the following guidelines to municipalities so they can manage tree waste that can not be cut and chipped at the point-of-generation. The following options are available to all municipalities. Through this temporary emergency approval process, municipalities may take the tree waste to a designated location for processing and short-term, temporary storage.

Option 1

Take the tree waste to Central Landfill in Johnston, as described in the letter from RIRRC to all Municipal Customers dated October 29, 2012.

Option 2

For those municipalities that have existing registered compost facilities and solid waste management facilities the RIDEM is granting an automatic increase and waiving each facility's annual quantity limit for a period of 90 days. No formal request is required, however, the facility shall continue to be managed in accordance with any fire protection provisions and the facility shall seek approval from the local Fire Chief. In addition, the facility shall continue to be managed in order to prevent any odors or run-off from leaving the property.

Option 3

For those municipalities that do not have an existing registered compost facility or solid waste management facility, the municipality may designate a location for a temporary storage and chipping operations site for a period of 90 days. Notification of the location to DEM and the local Fire Chief shall occur.

Pile sizes for brush and chipped wood shall be approved by the local fire chief within 14 days once operation commences. In addition, the temporary storage site shall prevent any odors or run-off from leaving the site.

Other Information

DEM is working with other state agencies to provide regional temporary collection facilities for green waste. Further updates will be provided.

If the municipality is seeking FEMA reimbursement for managing tree waste the waste needs to be handled separately from the normal day-to-day leaf and yard waste generated in the municipality.

The Department is evaluating the need for temporary storage/disposal of storm related construction and demolition debris, household hazardous waste and sediments. Materials management instructions may follow.

For additional information or questions, contact Laurie Grandchamp in DEM's Office of Waste Management at (401) 222-4700 ext. 7143 or by email at laurie.grandchamp@dem.ri.gov, or Mark Dennen at (401) 222-4700 ext. 7112 or by email at mark.dennen@dem.ri.gov

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