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ADVISORY - Secretary of State Mollis, Jump$tart to Kick Off Campaign to Capitalize on Pats' Playoff Run to Promote Financial Literacy

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WHAT: As the New England Patriots head into Sunday's AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition and Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis will visit Cumberland High School Thursday to kick off a campaign to promote "Financial Football," a free NFL-themed on-line game that lets players score touchdowns for their favorite team by answering questions that include tips about personal finance.

Posted on the Secretary of State's website the game lets fans of all ages choose the Patriots as their team and play against the computer or each other, tackling topics ranging from understanding debt to saving for college. A win for the Patriots or any other NFL team is recorded on the national leader board. New England is currently number one in the nation.

"This is the perfect time to capitalize on Patriots' playoff fever to promote financial literacy. 'Financial Football' turns important lessons about money management into a fun family activity," said Mollis. "Keeping the Pats on top is a wonderful educational expression of our support for our home team."

WHEN AND WHERE: Thurs. Jan. 17, 11:20 a.m., the Transition Center at Cumberland High School, 2600 Mendon Rd.

HIGHLIGHTS: See students play the game on-line. Ask students about the importance of learning about personal finance. Learn the ABCs of financial literacy. Play the game yourself.

MEDIA CONTACT: Chris Barnett at 222-4293

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  • Release date: 01-16-2013

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