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The Ethics Commission held its 15th meeting of 2012 on November 20, 2012.

The Commission took the following actions:

Adopted Regulation 36-14-17009 – Out-of-State Travel. Regulation 36-14-17009 requires public officials and employees who file yearly financial statements to disclose whether they have received any out-of-state travel or travel-related expenses valued at more than $250 from a person or entity, if it is more likely than not that the official or employee would not have been provided with the travel but for his or her public office-holding or employment. You can read the text of the new regulation here.

Dismissed the matter of In re: John Winfield, Jr., Complaint No. 2010-6.

Found that there is probable cause to believe that the Respondent violated the Code of Ethics in the matter of In re: Gordon Rogers, Complaint No. 2012-1. Accordingly, the case may proceed to a full adjudication on the merits.

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