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Interim Report of the Providence County Grand Jury (Reported October 22, 2013)

Please note: An indictment, information, or complaint is merely an allegation. The U.S. Constitution guarantees that a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

Jason Dias (DOB: 10/20/71 627 Cranston Street Providence, RI P1-2013-3079AG

The Providence County Grand Jury reported out an indictment charging Jason Dias with one count of first degree robbery, five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of possession of a sawed off shotgun, once count of discharging a firearm while in the commission of a crime of violence, and one count of firing a gun in a compact area.

It is alleged that on or about August 18, 2013, Jason Dias robbed a convenience store in Central Falls. Dias allegedly entered the store, pointed a sawed off shotgun at the clerk, who was pregnant, and demanded money. After taking the money, Dias allegedly pointed the gun at the other individuals in the store and threatened to shoot them. As he was leaving the store, he allegedly fired the shotgun in the direction of the clerk, with the bullet missing the pregnant woman.

Dias was tackled outside the store by bystanders who detained him until police arrived. The alleged incident took place in Central Falls, and the Central Falls Police conducted the investigation.

Dias, who is being held without bail, is scheduled to be arraigned before Superior Court Justice Robert D. Krause on October 29, 2013 in Providence County Superior Court.

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