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Rhode Island Floodplain Mapping Tool


For Use: Immediately

Date: November 18, 2013

Rhode Island Floodplain Mapping Tool

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency has released the Rhode Island Floodplain Mapping Tool, an easily navigable online resource, which provides users with flood risk information relative to residences, businesses or other structures statewide. The State is currently undergoing coastal and inland remapping initiatives and this tool has been developed to further educate the public about flood risks for specific areas or properties. "This tool will be extremely useful for Rhode Islanders to assess the proximity of flood zones to their property, business or structure and help with future planning decisions," said RIEMA Executive Director Jamia R. McDonald.

While the Mapping Tool is not intended for legal, engineering or surveying purposes, it does provide users with an approximate flood zone determination relative to the flood hazard areas delineated on FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Multiple links are embedded in the program to guide users towards relevant information pertaining to the National Flood Insurance Program. For access to the Mapping Tool, visit RIEMA's website (

For additional Information, contact: Armand Randolph/401-462-7183


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