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New Economic Development Website Launches, "Greater Rhode Island: Think Bigger"

This morning, the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation launched a new, interactive economic development website quantifying why Rhode Island is the ideal choice for business decision makers looking to relocate, start-up or expand. Pulling together more than 1,000 distinct data points, the site, "Greater Rhode Island: Think Bigger," provides a one-stop shop for the critical information needed by business executives as they consider where in the Northeast to grow their business. The website also highlights growth companies and industries that have already taken advantage of the unique competitive advantage offered by Rhode Island.

"Greater Rhode Island: Think Bigger" provides local businesses, industry leaders and prospective companies access to unfiltered data, based on standards developed by the International Economic Development Council, on Rhode Island's demographics, higher education, health care systems, employers, government, payroll costs and much more. It also highlights specific data and infographics that reinforce Rhode Island's unique strengths in the dynamic and innovative Northeast market. For instance, comparing states in the Northeast:

• Rhode Island ranks #1 in research and development tax credit. • Rhode Island ranks #1 in median internet download speeds. • Rhode Island ranks #3 in start-ups per million residents. • Rhode Island ranks #2 in academic research and development dollars per capita. • Rhode Island is home to six collaborative brain science initiatives combining the research of over 100 doctors and scientists.

"Never before has greater Rhode Island put forth its unique and compelling assets in one interactive site," said Laurie White, president of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. "Situated along one of the most powerful economic corridors in the world, with top education and research facilities, hospitals, start-ups and established businesses, Rhode Island allows for and cultivates the kind of collaboration that breeds innovative success stories."

"The Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island is honored to be part of this collaborative effort to position the Rhode Island product in the northeast market. The Greater Rhode Island website provides the baseline information and strategic messaging necessary to be competitive in promoting private investment and job creation. We look forward to building on this collaboration. Working together, Rhode Island will be successful," said Scott Gibbs, president of the Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island.

"This comprehensive website provides the data and information to help businesses looking to expand in the Northeast make an informed decision and consider Rhode Island," said Marcel A. Valois, executive director of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation. "Rhode Island has many economic assets and we must collaborate and work in partnerships to achieve long-term sustainable economic growth that will benefit all Rhode Islanders."

"Atlas is honored to be working with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation as a long term partner in the success of its website, This new website, armed with the latest technology and thousands of distinct data points, will be key to converting expanding and relocating companies inside and outside of Rhode Island from casual browsers to real prospects for the state and its community partners. We are also pleased that also provides a platform for the cities, towns and regions to gain access to expanding and relocating businesses, and to the tools they can use to market their own communities and business locations. It is in this spirit of collaboration and regionalism that we are excited to introduce to Rhode Island, and the world," said Ben Wright, CEO of Atlas Advertising, one of the nation's foremost leaders in economic development marketing.

"Greater Rhode Island: Think Bigger" is a public/private partnership based on nine months of research guided by the institutional knowledge of corporate relocation and site selection industry experts. It is the next step in Rhode Island's effort to showcase continuing industry successes in new and innovative fields such as brain science, medical advances and food science, and make it easier for businesses to better understand why Rhode Island is the ideal place for their company.

The website can be found at You can join the conversation on Facebook at Greater Rhode Island: Think Bigger, or on Twitter @GreaterRI or #ThinkBiggerRI.

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