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Leron Porter Receives Consecutive Life Sentences Plus 35 Years for the 2011 Murder of Tiphany Tallo

Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin announced today that Leron Porter (DOB: 1/12/81) was sentenced to consecutive life sentences plus an additional 35 years for the May 2011 murder of 17-year-old Tiphany Tallo. The sentenced was handed down by Superior Court Justice Netti C. Vogel, who presided over the month-long trial that ended in December with a guilty verdict by the jury.

Porter was sentenced to life for the one count of second degree murder, a consecutive life sentence for the count of discharge of a firearm while committing a crime of violence, death resulting, a consecutive 10 year sentence for the possession of a firearm after being previously convicted of a crime of violence, and a consecutive 25 year sentence for being a habitual offender.

"Leron Porter has rejected every opportunity that he was afforded to live a lawful life. Since his youth, Porter's criminal activities grew more violent, from drugs to guns, ending in the shooting and killing of Tiphany Tallo," said Attorney General Peter Kilmartin. "Less than two weeks from being released from federal prison, Porter picked up a gun and killed a young woman. Our habitual statute is in place to address violent criminals like Leron Porter. For his violent actions and disregard for human life, Leron Porter will deservedly spend the rest of his life behind bars."

The State presented evidence that early in the evening on May 9, 2011, Porter, along with several of his family members and two female acquaintances, drove to the Tallo residence on Spruce Street in Providence in two vehicles – red and black Impalas – prepared to confront Ashley Tallo, Tiphany's sister, over an argument earlier in the day between Ashley and Leron's sister Denissa.

Witnesses testified that soon after the Porter family arrived, Denissa and Ashley engaged in physical confrontation, when Leron Porter took out a handgun and struck Ashley, knocking her to the ground. At this point, members of the Porter family began to stab Ashley with a knife and beat her with a bat-type object.

According to witness testimony, Tiphany Tallo attempted to come to her sister's aid, when Leron Porter shot her in the chest. The Porter family then retreated to the two vehicles they had arrived in and drove off.

Police responded to the incident, where witnesses described the incident, the perpetrators and the vehicles. Police stopped one of the vehicles involved within minutes and arrested the six passengers, including Leron Porter, who witnesses identified as the shooter. The other vehicle was located later and the police arrested both Renee Porter and her daughter Jaelynn for their role in the assault and murder.

At the time of the murder, Porter was on supervised federal parole after serving seven and one half years for a federal firearms violation. He had been released from federal custody on April 30, 2011, just days before murdering Tiphany Tallo.

Providence Police Detective Casey Moffett led the investigation. Assistant Attorney General Stephen Regine and Special Assistant Attorney General Peter Roklan prosecuted the case on behalf of the State.

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