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PR 14-18 Lassiter v. Pawtucket Police Department –No Violation

Complainant alleged that the Police Department violated the APRA when it inappropriately redacted information contained in an incident report that involved Complainant, but did not result in an arrest. The evidence showed that the Police Department redacted individually identifiable information of the two juveniles involved, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy under R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-2(4)(D)(c). This Department found that the redactions were necessary to protect the privacy interests of the juveniles involved and, that even in situations where the requester is the subject of the records sought, the privacy interest outweighs the public's interest in disclosure. See Higginbotham v. Department of Public Safety, PR 09-15. Accordingly, this Department found no violation.

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