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Latest Update On East Providence Water Emergency

The City continues sampling daily, and we have now have taken over 200 samples since the day the contamination was found. All samples have tested negative (clean). It is noted that the routine sampling program is 20 samples/week. By regulation, given the size of EP we are required to sample (on a normal operating basis) 50x per month.

-CDM Engineers have inspected over 80 commercial/industrial properties for cross connections and possible sources of the contamination. Focus has been within the areas where the positive samples were found. Some potential cross connections were found. However, an actual source of contamination through a cross connection has not been found. CDM will assist the City in developing a long term cross connection and backflow prevention program.

- Flushing program - The City has been flushing everyday. 8 Zones have been completed, including all the large mains. Pipes within the area where the contamination was found have been flushed.

-Additional chlorine feed remains in place.

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