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PR 14-32 Desaulniers v. Woonsocket Superintendent's Office and Clarke v. Woonsocket Superintendent's Office - Violation

Complainants submitted APRA requests to the Superintendent's Office for a copy of the Superintendent's evaluation. The Superintendent's Office denied the requests under the personal privacy exemption, i.e., pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-2(4)(A)(I)(b). Due to the fact that the evaluation at issue in Clarke was ordered to be disclosed in accordance with Boss v. Woonsocket Superintendent's Office, PR 14-31, the Department concluded that any privacy interest in the evaluation was diminished. As such, when we weighed the diminished privacy interest against the public's interest, the scales tipped in favor of the public's interest in disclosure. Therefore, by virtue of our holding in Boss v. Woonsocket Superintendent's Office, PR 14-31, we found that the Superintendent's Office violated the APRA when it denied access to the Superintendent's evaluation.

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