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PR 14-34 IBPO Local 302 v. Town of Portsmouth - VIOLATION FOUND

Complainant filed an APRA request seeking "all debts paid and owed due to negotiations with the Portsmouth Police Union to include legal fees, witnesses, actuary costs, etc." The Town responded by providing Complainant with numerical information and/or a narrative response and asserted that Complainant's request was "a request for information – not records." The Town presented no evidence or argument that Complainant's request was not susceptible to document production. This Department has never required an APRA request to contain talismanic language in order to be considered an APRA request. See Campbell v. Coastal Resources Management Council, PR 08-33. Therefore, based on the evidence provided, we found that Complainant's request was a proper APRA request and that the Town violated the APRA by failing to provide Complainant with documents responsive to his request. See R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-3(a).

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