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PR 15-04 CVDDI, LLC v. Town of Smithfield – No Violation

Complainant alleged that the Town violated the APRA when it failed to provide a sufficient explanation for extending the time to respond to his APRA request, as required by R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-3(e). Complainant's request sought any documents maintained by the Town "in any way relating to the property located at 320 Stillwater Rd." and contained no time frame limiting the search. Based on the broad nature of the request and the nearly thirteen (13) hours the Town exhausted "searching for, compiling, sorting, and printing out the requested records," we concluded that the Town did not violate the APRA when they extended the time to respond and that the Town's basis for the extension – "due to the scope and breadth of [the] request" – was particularized to the request.

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