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OM15-04 The Valley Breeze v. Cumberland Fire Committee - Violation Found.

The Cumberland Fire Committee ("CFC") violated that Open Meetings Act ("OMA") on November 6, 2014, when a quorum of the CFC met outside of a properly noticed open meeting and collectively discussed public business, i.e., the future chair and vice-chair of the CFC. See R.I. Gen. Laws ยง 42-46-2(1). While, at the time in question, the members of the CFC had not been officially sworn in, this Department has repeatedly held that members-elect are subject to the OMA. See Offer v. Newport City Council, OM 95-31. See also Schanck v. Glocester Town Council, OM 97-03. Other aspects of the November 6, 2014 meeting did not implicate the OMA, and accordingly, these discussions did not violate the OMA.

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