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OM 15-07 Novak v. Western Coventry Fire District - Violation

The Western Coventry Fire District ("Fire District") violated the OMA when it untimely posted on the Secretary of State's website approved minutes of seven (7) of its meetings. The Fire District also violated the OMA when the evidence revealed that it failed to post official and/or approved minutes for two (2) other meetings. Rhode Island General Laws § 42-46-7(d) requires "all volunteer fire companies, associations, fire district companies, or any other organization currently engaged in the mission of extinguishing fires and preventing fire hazards, whether it is incorporated or not, and whether it is a paid department or not" to "keep official and/or approved minutes of all meetings of the body and shall file a copy of the minutes of all open meetings with the secretary of state for inspection by the public within thirty-five (35) days of the meeting." R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-46-7(d).

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