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RIDOT to Conduct 30-Hour Ramp Closures in Providence December 12-14

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced today that it plans, weather depending, to temporarily close two highway ramps leading to I-95 South in Providence on December 12, lasting approximately 30 hours. The affected ramps take traffic from Memorial Boulevard to I-95 South and from Route 6/10 inbound to I-95 South.

The closures will allow for the safe demolition of an overhead highway ramp and avoids the need for multiple closures over several days. The schedule is weather-dependent and subject to change. RIDOT will provide updates in response to any schedule changes.

The demolition involves the removal of the existing structure that carries off-ramp traffic from I-95 South to Exit 21 (Atwells Avenue), which is being replaced as part of the Providence Viaduct project. While this work is ongoing, RIDOT must temporarily relocate the entry point for Exit 21 (Atwells Avenue) on I-95 South. Motorists will encounter this ramp immediately after Exit 22 (Downtown, Routes 6/10), several hundred feet sooner than the current ramp location. This new location for the ramp will be in place for approximately one year.

To facilitate the relocation of the ramp, Exit 21 will be closed for six hours overnight Saturday, December 12, into Sunday morning, December 13 (midnight to 6 a.m.). When the temporary ramp opens, off-ramp traffic will be on a portion of the new Providence Viaduct.

Digital message boards informing motorists of the upcoming closures and Exit 21 relocation will be activated beginning tonight. During the closure period, motorists are advised to allow extra time for travel and review traffic conditions at before driving through the area. RIDOT has chosen the closure times when traffic volumes are at their lowest, and coordinating the 30-hour closure window at a time that avoids any impact to weekday rush hour periods.

The ramp closures are scheduled to begin Saturday, December 12 at 11 p.m. The ramps will remain closed through the day on Sunday, and are scheduled to reopen by 5 a.m. on Monday, December 14. The closed ramps and detours include:

Downtown/Memorial Boulevard to I-95 South

Primary Detour: Use the on-ramp to I-95 North and take Exit 23 (State Offices). Motorists will then use the Douglas Avenue on-ramp to reach I-95 South.

Alternate Route: Motorists heading to Cranston, Warwick and other points south of Exit 16 (Route 10) should use Route 6/10 outbound and follow to Route 10 South to return to I-95 South.

Route 6/10 Inbound to I-95 South

Primary Detour: Follow Route 6/10 to I-95 North and follow to Exit 23 (State Offices). Motorists will then use the Douglas Avenue on-ramp to reach I-95 South.

Alternate Route: Motorists on Route 6 East should take the exit for Route 10 South to either take Exit 2B on I-95 South for Cranston, Warwick and other points south or Exit 2A for I-95 North for destinations off I-95 Exits 18-20. Motorists who normally use Route 10 North also should use I-95 North for their destinations in Providence.

Route 6 East to I-195 and R.I. Hospitals Campus

Primary Detour: Take the exit for Route 10 South. Use Exit 2A for I-95 North to reach the hospitals area (Exits 18 and 20) and I-195 (Exit 19).

Detour maps will be available online at

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