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OM 16-10 Cushman v Warwick City Council - Violation

The Complainant alleged Warwick City Council violated the OMA when a quorum of its members met at an unannounced meeting and signed a correspondence addressed to members of the Warwick delegation to the Rhode Island General Assembly. Based upon the evidence presented, it appears that a June 15, 2015 letter was circulated amongst a quorum of City Council members who were instructed to read and, if desired, sign the letter. Although the members of the City Council who signed the letter indicated that the letter was merely circulated amongst the members and that "no meeting of a group of Council members occurred at a single point in time where they collectively discussed the letter," the City Council violated the OMA by passing around a correspondence concerning a matter over which the City Council had supervision, control, jurisdiction, or advisory power, and indicating support by signing their names to the June 15, 2015 letter. R.I. Gen. Laws 42-46-2(1).

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