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Raimondo's Statement on Rhode Island's Economic Data

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Governor Gina M. Raimondo today released the following statement on the announcement of the state's latest economic data.

"Although we've made progress -- 4,500 fewer Rhode Islanders are unemployed than a year ago -- creating an economy that's strong enough so that there's a job for every Rhode Islander who wants is going to take time. We're going to put people back to work by strengthening our schools, improving the skills of our workers, and making it cheaper and easier to do business here. We've taken strong action on these fronts, and GE's recent announcement that they're planting a flag in Rhode Island is evidence that we're on the right track. But there's no doubt that we have much more work to do. I'm going to remain focused every day on creating opportunity so that everyone can make it in Rhode Island."

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