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AG Kilmartin Presents $6,294 Narcan Rebate to Rhode Island State Police

Kilmartin Announces Extension of Rebate Program Through September 2017

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin presented a $6,294 check to Colonel Steven G. O'Donnell, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, representing the amount the State Police received recently as a rebate for the bulk purchase of Narcan through an agreement between Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturer of Narcan, and the Attorney General.

In September 2015, as the demand for and the cost of Narcan skyrocketed, Attorney General Kilmartin announced that he had reached an agreement with Amphastar that requires the company to offer a $6 rebate for each Naloxone kit purchased by Rhode Island state agencies, municipal governments, state and municipal law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical service agencies, or non-profit community based programs.

As a result of the continuing need for the purchase and distribution of Narcan, Attorney General Kilmartin also announced today that he has signed an extension with Amphastar to continue the rebate program through September 2017.

"There is no question that putting Narcan in the hands of our law enforcement officers saves lives," said Attorney General Peter Kilmartin. "But it's not just police departments that can benefit from the rebate program. The rebate program helps offset the cost of the lifesaving drug so that every local police department, fire department, school, social service agency, and community-based health and recovery program has access to Narcan at an affordable and predictable price."

In February of this year, the Rhode Island State Police purchased $40,000 worth of Narcan for distribution to several police departments across the State and submitted the invoices through the rebate program. In total, the Rhode Island State Police have received $7,794 in rebates for the purchase of Narcan.

"The Rhode Island State Police's number one goal as a public safety organization is to save lives. The introduction of Narcan to troopers and our law enforcement partners is just one component in helping save the lives of those who suffer from addictions. Every life matters. Just recently one of our Capitol Police Officers administered Narcan, ironically to the same person that the same Capitol Police Officer had administered to several months ago with the same result—saving that person's life," stated Colonel Steven G. O'Donnell, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police.

Since the inception of the Narcan rebate program, $8,010 in rebates have been received for the purchase of 1,335 syringe dosages. For more information on the Narcan rebate program or to submit a request for a rebate, please visit

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