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PR 17-01 Ryan v. Oakland Mapleville Fire District No Violation

Complainants alleged that the OMFD violated the APRA when it failed to adequately respond to three multi-part APRA requests. The evidence indicated that a number of the APRA requests were not proper requests for documents cognizable under the APRA, but instead interrogatories for which responsive documents had already been provided. See Block v. Block Island Volunteer Fire Department, PR 15-45. The evidence also revealed that for each remaining APRA request the OMFD reasonably and adequately searched for responsive documents and either produced numerous responsive documents or credibly stated, after a reasonable search, that they did not have or maintain responsive documents. See R.I. Gen. Laws 38-2-3(a), (h). We found no evidence that the OMFD improperly withheld any responsive documents. Accordingly, we found no violations.

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