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McKee Supports Legislation to Minimize Negative Impact of Construction Projects on Small Businesses

Yesterday, Lt. Governor McKee sent the following letter to the House Committee on Small Business in support of H-5783.

March 29, 2017

The Honorable Deborah Ruggiero Chairwoman, House Committee on Small Business Rhode Island State House Room 205

Dear Chairwoman Ruggiero and Honorable Members of the House Committee on Small Business:

I write to you today in support of H-5783, legislation that requires the department of transportation to identify and communicate the impact of Rhode Works projects to minimize financial and economic hardships for Rhode Island's small business community.

As Chair of the Rhode Island Small Business Advocacy Council, it is my mission to advocate for our state's small businesses and to ensure their voices are heard. To achieve this mission, I launched a monthly public access television show aimed at giving Rhode Islanders, particularly small businesses, a platform to voice their concerns.

One of the first issues raised on this show came from a diner owner in Lincoln who struggled with the negative effects of road construction in front of his business. He noted these negative effects could have been avoided had there been better communication from the State about the project. This business owner is not alone. In communities from Lincoln to Newport and beyond, I've heard small businesses call for increased communication from the State of Rhode Island about road construction. It's time to answer their call.

As a former mayor, I know the importance of maintaining our roads and bridges, but as a former small business owner, I also know the importance of balancing that necessity with the needs of our small business community. H-5783 creates that balance.

I applaud Representative Carson and her co-sponsors for their leadership on this issue and thank you for your consideration.


Dan McKee Lt. Governor

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