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Treasurer Magaziner Promotes Financial Literacy Month in Rhode Island

Each April, Rhode Island Treasury plans and promotes a month-long program of activities and educational opportunities to help financially empower Rhode Island, including workshops on saving for college and how to find out if the state is holding your unclaimed property.

"Our financial system is growing increasingly complex, making it more important than ever to stay informed and make responsible financial decisions," said Treasurer Magaziner. "By learning the essential principles of personal financial management, Rhode Islanders can make better financial decisions and avoid predatory businesses practices."

In 2016, Treasurer Magaziner, who is co-chair of the Financial Education and Empowerment Committee for the National Association of State Treasurers, launched the Financial Literacy Educator of the Year award to honor educators who lead their field in teaching financial literacy. The 2016 award winner was Patricia Page from East Greenwich High School, and the 2017 winner will be announced later this month.

"Government, educators, nonprofits and businesses must all work together to help consumers make informed decisions about their finances," said Treasurer Magaziner.

Rhode Island Treasury alo partners with EverFi, a highly regarded online financial education platform, to offer the Rhode Island Financial Scholars Program at high schools across the state. During the 2015-16 academic year, this program provided financial education to an estimated 3,600 students in 45 Rhode Island high schools. 41 of those schools are public high schools, which are in 26 of the 39 municipalities across the Ocean State.

At Treasurer Magaziner's request, the Rhode Island House of Representatives recently passed a resolution proclaiming April 2017 to be "Financial Literacy Month".


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