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DHS Releases May RI Bridges Data Dashboard

CRANSTON, R.I. The Department of Human Services new, detailed performance metrics dashboard for May shows a 20 percent reduction in pending applications in April alone. The dashboard, released today, includes data to help track the progress of the State's UHIP turnaround effort.

Other highlights from the dashboard include:

The total number of pending applications in the system continue to drop. As of April 30, there are 9,200 pending applications. A further breakdown by program and overdue status is supplied.

Pending SNAP cases were cut nearly in half, from 2,199 to 1,046, in April thanks to a focused effort to process these applications.

Pending child care applications are at 264, a 62 percent drop since the start of April.

"Our top priority to give Rhode Islanders timely access to benefits has not wavered," said Acting DHS Director Eric J. Beane. "This month's reductions are signs of our commitment and progress. There is more work to be done to improve service to our residents, and we will continue to work on remaining issues with the RI Bridges system."

The dashboard will be updated monthly. View the dashboard in the link below.

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