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Announcing a New Public-Private Partnership Focused on Business Resilience in RI

Announcing a New Public-Private Partnership Focused on Business Resilience in RI

Cranston, RI - The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, and the Rhode Island Fusion Center in collaboration with founding business members Amica Mutual Insurance Company, Citizens Bank, CVS Health, Fidelity Investments, General Dynamics Electric Boat, and Raytheon are pleased to announce the launch of the Rhode Island Alliance for Business Resilience ("Alliance"). The Alliance is a self-governed public-private partnership dedicated to advancing the quality and effectiveness of communications and operations between government and business before, during and following natural, man-made, or technological disasters in Rhode Island.

The mission of the Alliance is to provide a unified voice within the public sector for continuity and disaster operations on behalf of the business community. Combining government resources and private sector services improves the collective knowledge base, builds new capabilities and relationships, and supports a whole community approach to consequence management.

The Alliance seeks to: Provide situational awareness and actionable information during significant events to support effective decision making; Establish strong trusting relationships and improved communication between public and private sectors before, during, and after a disaster; Develop business-to-business collaboration and communications to understand how their colleagues are planning for a major disruption; Involve businesses, trade associations, and other non-governmental organizations to improve the State's practices, processes, and procedures in support of disaster response; Develop strong leadership, coordination and sustainability which will bridge and persist through changes in public sector leadership; Promote best practices in emergency preparedness; and Develop a core competency that can be shared with businesses across the state.

Membership is available to companies or nonprofits organizations that employ 50 or more people as well as trade associations and chambers of commerce who interact with the extensive small business community in the State.

"Creating jobs and strengthening Rhode Island's business climate are among my highest priorities," Governor Raimondo said. "To maintain our robust economy, we must ensure that businesses can quickly recover in the wake of a winter storm or natural disaster. The Alliance for Business Resilience is a critical partner in our work to prepare for events that can disrupt business, and I thank you for your commitment to our state."

"We are excited to work with the private sector and assist with the development of this unique opportunity. Joining our partners from the private sector and implementing this important initiative for our state is a great achievement," says RIEMA Director Peter Gaynor. "This partnership will increase the states level of readiness and foster a platform to address emergency management issues and concerns in the business community, unify public and private sector collaboration, expand communications and education, and support business resiliency. We encourage businesses to visit the Rhode Island Alliance for Business Resilience website listed below for more information and to apply for membership."

Stefan Pryor, Secretary of Commerce for the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, a founding partner of the Alliance said: "The Alliance builds on our state's tradition of collaboration across public and private sectors. These colleagues are volunteering their time to work on things like improved emergency communications and coordination, B2B collaboration, situational awareness, leadership, and sustainability. The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is proud to work alongside its partner organizations on this important initiative."

"This partnership brings together the public and private sectors to ensure that our lines of communication remain open during disasters that affect us all," said Todd Larson, corporate services officer in Amica's corporate services department. "We live in times of unprecedented risk, and the Alliance will allow us to better prepare for these risks."

"Citizens is proud to be a resilient bank and equally proud to be a founding member of the Rhode Island Alliance for Business Resilience," said Mary Ellen Baker, EVP and Head of Business Services, Citizens Financial Group. "Strong collaboration between the private and public sectors enables us to withstand business interruptions and, when necessary, recover more quickly. Citizens looks forward to supporting the Alliance's mission to 'Keep Rhode Island Open for Business'."

"CVS Health is proud to be part of the Rhode Island Alliance for Business Resilience, ensuring that we are a strategic and productive contributor to our public and private sector partners, should an urgent situation occur here in our home state," said Carol DeNale, Senior Vice President and Treasurer at CVS Health. "This collaboration helps us fulfill our company's purpose of helping people on their path to better health when it matters most."

John Linnert, SVP Domestic Security Operations and Background Vetting Fidelity Investments explains "The Alliance will be a great complement to our operations in Rhode Island, and we are pleased to be among one of the founding members. Collaboration between public and private sectors is vital to resilience at the state and business level during crises. By bringing together the resources and knowledge of the business community, members of this alliance and the state of Rhode Island will be well equipped to handle any disaster that affects business continuity."

"As a founding member of RIABR, Raytheon has committed to working with Rhode Island's emergency management organizations, as well as other local businesses, to minimize disruption during times of crisis," said Paul Ferraro, Vice President of Raytheon's Seapower Capability Center in Portsmouth. "Our close collaboration with the state and industry through this initiative, will help address challenges facing the extended community and provide a sense of stability when it's needed most."

A press conference to announce the new public-private partnership, is scheduled for the following date, time and location:

Date May 15, 2017 Time Presentation begins promptly at 10:30am Location Amica Insurance Company, 100 Amica Way, Lincoln RI

For information about the Rhode Island Alliance for Business Resilience, visit the website at


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